Hi, I'm Bożena,

Over 8 years ago my 7-year-old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Four months later my husband and I launched the 3mamcukier.pl blog. On my side is the culinary part is, which is our cookbook with converted carbohydrate and protein-fat exchangers.

From the beginning, photos are very important to me, as important as recipes. My images are shot using natural and artificial light. I'm also stylist of my own photography's. I'm practicing my photographic skills and I still find something new to explore.


Taste Awards

I'm a winner of the 13th edition of The Taste Awards (2022) for the Mandarin cake photography (HERE)

Color Awards International

In 2021 my photo Coffee madeleines was honored at 2nd Place - Merit of Excellence at Food category

Taste Awards

I'm a winner of the 12th edition of The Taste Awards (2021).

Taste Awards

I'm a winner of the 10th edition of THE TASTE AWARDS (2019) in the Photography category (HERE)


I'm in the TOP TEN food photographers of FOODELIA 2019

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